Confirmed indisputably -

QMI’s engine treatment lasts for 80,000 km/50,000 miles.


Gottlob Research and Engineering were commissioned to establish the durability of the QMI engine treatment in a car engine.

The test they designed ran in three phases.

Phase I Engine run in for 9.024 km/5.640 miles.
Phase II Engine treated with QMI, then run for (a further) 33.216 km/20.760 miles
Phase III Oil change (without further QMI) and then a further 48.960 km/30.600 miles.


The whole time, the engine was run at a constant 192 kmh/120 mph (4000 rpm). The total distance run after the treatment was 82,176 km/51,360 miles. Note that more frequent oil changes would have reduced the wear on the PTFE coating, which is only damaged by solid particles accumulating in the oil.

At the end of each phase, the sliding resistance of the piston in the cylinder was measured under a constant side-load. As can be seen in the tabulated results, at the end of the test (so after more than 80,000 km/50,000 miles), the reduction in friction compared with the untreated state was still 2/3 of the value after phase II.

Only if the presence and effect of the coating after 80,000 km/50,000 miles has been proved, can it be claimed that the coating holds so long. But several suppliers of light PTFE and other engine treatment products make this claim without being able to supply any proof. In consequence, consumer protection authorities in the USA have forbidden this claim to all other makers of engine treatments, and penalised several of them for making false statements, in one case with a fine of $10 million.

Phase Resitance Consumption
  Kg % L/100 km %
I 10.454 100 10,92 100,00
II 4.901 39 9.44 86,64
III 6.364 60 10.11 92,58

Signing off the test report, laboratory chief Cliff Gottlob confirmed that:

"The above findings clearly demonstrate the presence of PTFE in the cylinder bores and piston skirts after 50,000 miles = 80,000 km of engine operation."


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