But have you tuned the gearbox ?

(Some thoughts for tuners.)

The additional performance which today's tuners get out of engines is quite remarkable. Already high-performing engines are given 20, 30 or even 40 percent more top-end power through skillful enhancement of what the car maker has left hidden in his design.

But can the gear-box take all this extra torque without complaint ? Several boxes, designed for the original 1600 cc cooking version, have scarcely been upgraded to take into account the additional power of the series 1800 or 2000 cc face-lift engine, never mind what you have put on top.

Racing legend Bobby Unser tested the QMI products in a 4x4 pickup and reported a gain of 10 horsepower at the wheels. The massive temperature reductions he measured in the gear train demonstrate conclusively that


QMI gear treatment has proven to protect gears in such circumstances better than any other product known. Through its rapidly forming micro coating of the specially developed heavy PTFE polymer, the working surfaces no longer grind against one-another. The metal faces glide on their PTFE coating. Friction is reduced dramatically, passing more of your extra power on through to the wheels, not wasting it in friction, heat and wear in the gear-box (and diff !). 25%-30% of the power loss in the gears is eliminated, gear shifting is smoother and easier.

But while we were about it, we too took a look at the engine. Not only do we give the engine just as much protection as the gear-box, within 100 miles of adding QMI engine treatment even the best-tuned engine is thrusting harder while wearing less - up to 88% less according to the world leader in lubrication testing !

In many countries, QMI's products have become recognised by tuners as the final touch to their detailed work, ensuring that the customer will appreciate their efforts to the full, and for a long time. Racing engines, previously re-built after every - or every second - race, are now not stripped during the whole season. Go to George, his engines don't' break is a comment on which businesses can grow !

As a tuner, your name and your future depend on performance, reliably delivered. After you have done all else you can, there is only one further step to take: the QMI treatment.

We look forward to working with you for the good of your customers - and of your reputation. You too can make champions !

...you can't drive with less friction !


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