How to use QMI


Firstly, run in the engine well, as the QMI coating will, for example, prevent further bedding-in of the piston rings.

Change the filter, and fill the cooled-down engine to not more than 80% with fresh oil. Then add QMI engine treatment to make 100%. Immediately start the engine and run at idle for about 5 minutes. Then increase the load progressively over the next 30 minutes. The full effect will have developed before you have driven 100 km. If the one oil system also lubricates the gears (as in many bikes), then increase the QMI proportion to 25%.


To treat the gearbox, you need at least 20% QMI gear treatment to up to 80% gear oil. Add to the gearbox when cool, and simply drive to produce the coating.

Note: Take the QMI gear treatment which matches your gear oil type - there are three QMI types, which cover all possibilities.

Note: There are no problems using QMI with a wet clutch or a limited slip differential.

Note: If gear ratios are changed after a treatment has been carried out, a 5% dosage should be given to ensure that the new components are coated.

QMI greases

These specially formulated greases are not compatible with each other or with any other grease, so you have to start with absolutely clean metal. Choose the non-melting grease where high temperatures are encountered (for instance, inboard CV-joints can reach nearly 200 °C, brake callipers even more - YES, our bike racers grease their brakes !). The water resistant grease is ideal for exposed parts and for chains, as this grease has the better resistance to centrifugal force. For other points on the vehicle, either grease can be chosen with confidence.

QMI Paint Sealant

Really durable, with two coats we guarantee at least a year. A deep shine is developed, particularly if several coats are applied. Use too for the wheels (at least 3 coats) , then the brake pad dust cannot burn in, and a simple hose-down restores „show-room look“.

QMI Fuel Treatment

Not just for racing, this product ensures a totally clean and water-free fuel system for petrol and diesel vehicles, from the tank right through to the exhaust valves. Test-burn other products, look at how they burn, and what is left. Would you really like that to happen in your engine ? Guaranteed not to attack seals. Raises the octane/cetane level.



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