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Environment Partnership with China

The Chinese government takes up SX-6000 as a weapon in the "War against environmental contamination"

On 25 October 2014 Mr.Yin Jibo signed, under instruction of the Chinese government, an agrement with the Richard Chambers GmbH of Heimstetten, Germany.

Mr. Yin, the managing director of Competent Technology & Products GmbH in Germering, had been looking for several months, as an asssignment of the government, for solutions to reduce the environmentally damaging emissions of vehicles.  After unsuccessful tests with a competitive product, further tests were performed with SX-6000 on 2 cars, one mini-bus, and three trucks, and the change compared with the exhaust values before treatment was convincing.

SX-6000 is added to the oil, and the low-frictioin coating in motors and gears builds up as the vehicle is driven. The 0.3µm particles of high-density PTFE, transported by the oil, progresively attach themselves to the friction surfaces, and with the heat and pressure form a full coating of 1-1.5 µm

Compared with oil lubrication alone, as scientifically solid tests prove, the SX-6000 treatment reduces fuel consumption and wear , and also, while on the road, 50% less oil is burned, which contributes significantly to the reduction of air polution. Less friction also means, with a certified reduction of wear of up to 88%, a reduction of maintenance, repairs and breakdowns.

The early deliveries go to big cities chosen by the government, where they will be applied to fleet vehicles before the end of December. Progressively, further vehicles throughout the land will be treated, but the first three years of the contract are intended primarily to carry out the "War against environmental contamination" in all big cities.  Before Premier Li Keqiang declared this "war" in March 2014, there had been massive complaint against the permanent smog conditions in the cities. 

With the background of a constantly growing economy, this step makes good sense, not just because of the environmental benefits it will bring, but also that it will save energy and wear. It is expected that it will also progressively extend into industry, where it can be applied not only to motors and gears, but also to compressors and hydraulic systems.

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