LogSped - a major German truck operator - reports

In June 1995 we treated an IVECO 240 E 42 Euro-Tech with QMI. We used your products for engine, gearbox and differential. At the time of the treatment the truck had covered 327,429 kilometres.

The vehicle works on long-haul with a trailer and we capture all the consumption figures electronically. In this, the effect of different loads is compensated for.

After about three months we established that the fuel consumption, previously 35.2 Litres per 100 km, had settled down over 42,532 km to 32.9 litres per 100 km. This is an improvement of 6.5%.

We were astonished when we recently calculated the performance of this truck again. It has covered 120,000 km since the treatment. In this time, three routine oil changes have been carried out, but without any further addition of QMI. The consumption is still 32.9 litres per 100 km.

In the same time we have registered a reduction in the oil consumption of 1.2 litres per 1000 km.

The personal impression of the driver is that the gears shift easier, and that he gets up hills, and so completes his trips, faster than before.

We have had the best experience with your QMI and gladly recommend it to others.


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