Test results with QMI....

which can stand comparison.

Scientists at Cambridge University prove that the friction between two “heavy“ PTFE surfaces is at least 30% less than with “light“ PTFE (such as “Teflon”).

Sequence III E, carried out by the SouthWest Research Institute, San Antonio. This strictly defined test is used by the world’s oil industry to prove its products. The result achieved by QMI shows that it can reduce wear by up to 88%, compared with oil alone. This result is officially recognised.

Tuner and race champion Bobby Unser needed only 70 kilometres on the rolling road to get the following values:

Power increase at 3800 rpm from 90 to 100 hp.

Gearbox oil temperature down - 27.7°C

Differential oil temperature down - 34.4°C

Gottlob Research and Engineering showed that a QMI treatment lasts at least 80,000 km in a car engine. No other product has been able to prove such durability (though several make this claim without foundation.)

Lenz Motorentechnik, a leading German development and tuning firm, raised the power of an “optimally tuned“ BMW M3 engine by 5 hp, while reducing the oil temperature by 5°C.

LogSped, a major German transport company, confirmed that after treating an Iveco 240 E 42 EuroTech truck, the fuel consumption for the following 120,000 km was 6,5% lower than before the treatment (at 327,429 km). Also, the oil consumption fell by 1.2 liters per 1000 km.

The Technical University in Trondheim showed, in a test designed to establish the relative durability of greases under a variety of conditions, that the QMI non-melting grease lasted 200% longer than the “house grease“ of one of the world’s leading bearing manufacturers.

In a Volvo auxiliary engine (power generator) on the M/F Gulen, the wear metals fell to only 25% of the average value of the five analyses prior to the treatment.

...you can’t drive with less friction !


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